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Restaurant Review: Teocintle

Restaurant Teocintle, Ajijic, Mexico

Gastronomic delights await you in Ajijic! This exciting restaurant opened up in January 2017 and is serving authentic Mexican and pre-hispanic foods. The dream child of two young hardworking individuals Ricardo and Gloria, Teocintle means “the seed of God” and this restaurant really brings the taste and flavors of the ancient gods to your table.

The food is inspired from the interior provinces Hidalgo and Puebla and southern states of Mexico such as Oxacca, Yucatan, and Baja California.

Gloria, who was the brilliant chef behind the famous restaurant Alex's Pasta Bar, wanted to put her talents to work in a different way and teamed up with the main waiter at Alex's to bring to Ajijic something special and unique. The aim of Teocintle's team is to bring together the flavors of Mexico's pre-hispanic foods and the foods of the Spanish conquistadors.

Restaurant Teocintle wines

Gloria learned her talents from her 2 grandmothers while growing up. She says that they made her study the ways of authentic Mexican cooking every day and she currently can prepare 13 different mole sauces. She regularly features several moles on the restaurant menu and there is even a green mole that she makes which uses wild greens called 'Quelites' and pumpkin seeds. I can't wait to try that one!

Their menu is small, featuring wonderful dishes such as Azteca soup (yum!), stuffed quesadillas, chicken breast in almond flavored mole, pork shank Teocintle, and mole de allo. In addition, they always feature a couple of specials every day including one soup. I can personally attest that Gloria's tortilla soup is the best I have ever had!

Fresh vegetables and homemade deserts at Teocintle Restaruant, Ajijic

Are you a desert lover? So am I, and Teocintle always make 3-5 deserts 'in house', and they are delicious!! Peacan pie, choco flan, apple tart, and cheese cake might be a few of the incredible offerings available.

Another of the awesome things that make Teocintle so special is that the menu changes seasonally, every 3 months, taking advantage of the freshest vegetables and herbs available throughout the year.

Intimate dining in Teocintle Restaurant, Ajijic

Currently they are open Tuesday thru Saturday 1:00-9:00 for lunch and dinner.

This is a small restaurant with only 15 tables and the service and food is personalized to your desires and tastes. Be sure to make a reservation to avoid disappointment, even for lunch, as the restaurant is being discovered by the local population and is often full.

Located at Constitution and Javier Mina they are located just 7 blocks from the plaza and blocks from Lake Chapala Society. It is far enough out of town that parking becomes easier to find yet is close enough that you can easily walk to it from anywhere in Ajijic.

As this is my favorite restaurant, we'll see you there soon! Be sure to say "Hi".

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