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The 6 Best Restaurants in Ajijic and Why You Should Go There

Updated: Apr 28

Ajijic Tango Restaurant

Located on the shores of Lake Chapala is Ajijic, one of the largest and longest established expat communities in Mexico. So it is little wonder that there are an abundance of excellent restaurants to tickle the North American palate. As voted by you, the consumer, here are the best of the best in Ajijic.

Ajijic Tango

Tango's menu has not changed much over the years, the quality of the food is predictably good, the service is excellent, friendly, fast and efficient. This is a busy, large atmosphere place ideal for large groups. They are best know for their steaks which are superb! Also the pork chops, pork loin and tuna steak, and salmon de la parrila (my favorite) are to die for. I have been going there for many years and keep coming back. I can heartily recommend Tango.

It is located at the bottom of Colon Street on the Malecon, Note that this is a popular restaurant for visiting Guadalajarans on the weekends so reservations are a must.



Gastronomic delights await you in Ajijic. Teocintle means “the seed of God” and this restaurant really brings the taste and flavors of the ancient gods to your table.

The food is inspired from the interior provinces Hidalgo and Puebla and southern states of Mexico such as Oxacca, Yucatan, and Baja California. Gloria, who was the brilliant chef behind the famous restaurant Alex's Pasta Bar, wanted to put her talents to work in a different way and teamed up with the main waiter at Alex's to bring to Ajijic something special and unique. The aim of Teocintle's team is to bring together the flavors of Mexico's pre-hispanic foods and the foods of the Spanish conquistadors. Their menu is small, featuring wonderful dishes such as Azteca soup (yum!), stuffed quesadillas, chicken breast in almond flavored mole, pork shank Teocintle, and mole de allo. In addition, they always feature 2 or three specials every day including one soup. I can personally attest that Gloria's tortilla soup is the best I have ever had.

What are your favorite restaurants Lakeside? Let us know by Contacting Us. We're here for you!


This consistently wonderful restaurant is my favorite in Ajijic for it's great food and amazing value!

The owners, Arturo and Oyuki, are a wonderful young couple born and raised in Ajijic who have been able to start their own restaurant business. A tremendous success story, Arturo worked for another chef from Toronto for 11+ years as his sous chef learning and absorbing all the skills and finesse that he needed to go out on his own and start his own place. He learned a lot!!!! The food is really very good and creative and the staff are attentive, professional, and friendly. Daily specials are on the board which is brought you at your table and every day they make a special soup of the day. Try it! They make the best and most reasonable soups anywhere in Ajijic.

Cocinart serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and is locacted in Centro Ajijic on 16th of September just a half block off the main street Colon and within walking distance of the Malecon which is a great place for a sunset stroll after dinner.

Alex's Pasta Bar

This hip and delightful restaurant has been recently renovated. The chef/owner is the experienced Italian Chef, Alex, who hails from Turin in the North of Italy, but has worked in New York for a considerable time.

Every Tuesday evening, Alex's Pasta Bar creates a wine-pairing dinner. Last night, the courses were shrimp ravioli served with an L.A. Cetto Chardonnay, then eggplant parmigiana with a Santa Alicia Sauvignon Blanc. Next there was a melt-in-your mouth filet served with mashed potatoes and a sun-dried tomato sauce (so good!). That was served with an L.A. Cetto Merlot. Finally, the dessert was handmade truffles with fresh berries and a creamy chocolate sauce, served with Spumante.

He makes everything fresh daily and his pastas and accompanying sauces are outstanding, as are his desserts - in particular the Tira Misu.

Yves Restaurant outdoor gardens and dining


Yves features a very enjoyable dining atmosphere with tables set around a pool with fountain. The meals and service are consistently great. We seem to find ourselves at Yve's nearly every week. You won't meet a nicer man than Yves. Always available to talk, his favorite subject being his donkeys and other rescue animals, The white donkeys are a trademark and it's always a pleasure to see them.

The salad bar is full of items from jicama to the best pickled beets, fresh veggies and more. The food is consistently good and the portions generous. I highly recommend the liver, the best in Lakeside. Inside dining is also available but we much prefer hanging out poolside with the garden and palm tree views.


What is not to like about Adelita's. The place is always spotless and the ambiance warm and welcoming with attentive staff. They offer a varied menu from seafood to beef, chicken, vegetarian, pizza and burgers.

There is so much to recommend here, it's hard to know where to start. Some of my favorites are the ribs, salmon and blue cheese burger. For an appetizer, try the crab cakes, they're delicious. Adelita's has an extensive bar and craft beer on tap.

Live music, featured on various nights of the week, have become extremely popular with the dancing crowd and you need to reserve weeks in advance during the winter months in order not to be disappointed. Tuesdays they have their famous pork ribs discounted to a special price. The ribs are meaty and melt in your mouth.

The staff has been trained by Canadians and the whole place has a big city North American feel to it. Orders are taken on a tablet by your server and service is fast.

Located in San Antonio by the plaza. Reservations are recommended.

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