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Things To Do In Lake Chapala

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Are you looking at retiring to Lake Chapala? Are you wondering if there is enough for you to do? Wonder no more. Here is a (scratch the surface) list of activities you could take part in.

Fitness in Lake Chapala

  1. Play Tennis or Pickleball - The Lake Chapala area is graced with numerous tennis courts, both hard and clay surface, plus two, 6 court, pickleball facilities. Read my blog on the evolution of Pickleball in Ajijic.

  2. Go Dancing – Many of the restaurants and clubs have dancing nightly. No matter your flavor of music, there is something for you here. If you don't already know how to dance, then engage in one of the many dance lessons, both free and paid. Read my blog on Entertainment in Ajijic for more information.

  3. Volunteer for a Charity – There are a variety of groups Lakeside doing great things for the community, children and animals. It's easy to get involved. For a complete list of over 80 registered organizations, Contact Me here.

  4. Take a Hike – The Hiking Club is very active leading all levels of hikers up into the mountains and back. They meet every Tuesday and Friday between 8 and 9 am (depending on the level of hike). Information can be found on their Facbook Page “Ajijic Hiking Group”.

  5. Go Cycling – For the casual cyclist there is a cycling lane along the Carretera that stretches all the way from Chapala to El Chante. If you are a seriously into road cycling, you can join one of the many cycling groups from Guadalajara that speed along the Carretera on Saturday and Sunday with a pilot car. For a quieter country pace, consider taking your bike to the other side of Chapala and cycle east along a quiete rural road.

  6. Discover Scorpion Island - Take a trip out to Chapala and hire one of the many guide boats along the malecon to take you on a 15 minute boat ride out to Scorpion Island. Then spend a couple hours wandering the many trials (lined with sculptures of scorpions), finding the Huichol Ceremonial Hut, visiting 2 chapels, and eating at one of the many restaurants.

  7. Get a Massage and Spa Treatment - Relax and enjoy the special spa and massage treatments at the Monte Coxala Hotel Resort in San Juan Cosala. Pre-hispanic temples and sculptures line the grounds along with amazing views of Lake Chapala.

  8. Play Cards or Board Games – There are many groups here Lakeside that enjoy getting together to play cards. The most serious groups play bridge but you'll find many active groups getting together for various other card and board games.

  9. Practice Yoga – Lakeside has yoga classes that take place both in studios and out of doors. Drishti Center is one of the biggest with many classes by different teachers held throughout the day. Find one that's right for you! Namaste

  10. Zumba Classes - Another activity that is found both in and out of doors. Zumba is great exercise and so much fun!

  11. Take a tour “Behind the Walls” - This tour takes place once a month over the winter. Lakeside residents volunteer to open their homes up to the public and you're able to get a sneak peek “behind the walls” of some of the most spectacular estates Lakeside.

  12. Watch a Movie – Ajijic has two 6 cinema movie theaters. Many movies are in English with Spanish Subtitles.

  13. Go Fishing – Lake Chapala has an excellent Largemouth Bass Fishery as well as tilapia and carp. The Ajijic Fishing Club is a great place to start gathering information and joining up for trips to area lakes or to the Pacific for saltwater fishing. Go to their website Ajijic Fishing Club or Facebook Page

  14. Play a Round of Golf – We have two golf courses Lakeside and several more in Guadalajara. Chula Vista Golf and Country Club and Chapala Golf and Country Club are Lakeside's favorites. More information can be found by reading my blog Golf in Lake Chapala.

  15. Discover Murals – Ajijic is graced with an abundance of beautiful murals. They can be located anywhere and everywhere so make a game of it and wander the streets in search of your favorite.

  16. Take a Trip Around the Lake – Reserve yourself a full day for this adventurous trek around the lake. Explore remote villages and absorb local lifestyles.

  17. Visit Parque de la Christiania – Chapala has the largest park Lakeside. Featuring an outdoor pool, lake shore walking, playground, tennis courts and picnic areas.

  18. Go Out to Eat – From taco stands and food trucks to high end restaurants, Lake Chapala has a lot of eateries to choose from. Where should you start? Read some of my blogs on Lake Chapala Favorites.

  19. Stroll One of the Many Malecons – Each town and village has it's own malecon and each one has it's own flavor. The town of Chapala has the largest with many restaurants, Danzavoladores, (the flying top daredevils show) ,tourist market, mariachi bands, boat rides and more. Ajijic's malecon is quieter, except on weekends and holidays when it comes alive with various events, music and families. San Juan Cosala, San Antonio and Jocotepec all have their own malecons with various interesting things to see and do. Explore them all!

  20. Photograph Stuff – Mexico is a photographers dream! From people to birds to flowers and more, you'll be happy you brought your camera.

  21. Mezcala Island – Another boat trip that you can take either from Chapala or the town of Mezcala. Full of old ruins, a large fortress, and old prison, it's famous for being the location of the Mexican resistance in the fight against the Spanish in the 1400's.

  22. Ride a Horse – There are many opportunities to hire a horse and go horseback riding along the lake, through Ajijic streets, or up into the mountains. Your easiest method is to go to Camino Real in Lower La Floresta and hire one of the local guides. They're available 365 days a year.

  23. Take a Dip in Thermal Waters – There are two public facilities located in San Juan Cosala. One is Family oriented and the other is Adult orientated featuring different jacuzzis of rose petals, hibiscus flowers, coffee and even mud baths. These are always changing so the baths could be different from one visit to the next.

  24. Attend a Play – Lakeside Little Theater is the longest running English speaking playhouse in Mexico. Every year they produce 6 or 7 high caliber shows with local actors and actresses. Want to get involved? They're always welcoming volunteer help in many aspects of production. The Naked Stage and Bravo Theater are two other playhouses in town for your entertainment pleasure.

  25. Sing a Song – Whether you are an professional singer or “shower singing” wannabe, there is a place for you in Ajijic. Professionals can strut their stuff with the choir “los Cantnates” whereas weekend warriors can blast out a tune at one of the karaoke bars like Mama's Bar.

  26. Swim With the Dolphins – Yes, you heard that right. There is a dolphin center called Recinto Maya Kay located near Jocotopec. They have dolphin shows as well as allowing you the opportunity to swim with the dolphins.

  27. Take Part in Art – There are many art galleries and artists in Ajijic, and why not when there are so many beautiful things to paint and draw. Whether you are an art aficionado, professional artist yourself or would like to try your hand at it through classes, then this is the place for you.

  28. Start or Join a Band – If music is in your back round or you've just always wanted to pick up the guitar, then welcome home. Musicians are abundant and always looking to jam or show off their talents.

I am already over 1300 hundred words and have barely scratched the surface. The amount of activities Lakeside are almost unlimited. Fly a kite, skydive, paddleboard, get a pedicure, take up archery, join Toastmasters, take up martial arts, join a sewing/quilting group, participate in a traditional sweat lodge ceremony, play Mah-Jongg or canasta, wakeboard, take up bird watching, start your novel or blogging....whew, the list goes on.

Plus there are all the traditional Mexican holidays (of which there are lots!) and other annual events such as the Chili Cookoff, Globos and Thriller “Thrill the World”.

Simply stated, if you thought you came to Ajijic to put your feet up and retire, you can, or you can be like most of us, busier then you've ever been in your life!

Thank you for reading and hope to see you soon!

Michaela & Ricardo are your FULL SERVICE Real Estate Agents. Along with our Retirement Seminars, our over 20 years of combined experience Lakeside, and our network of area Professionals, we help guide you to from beginning to forever in your Retirement Journey to Lake Chapala, Mexico.

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