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Lake Chapala Gated Communities - Which One Is Right For You?

Updated: Apr 28

So you're thinking about retiring in Lake Chapala and are interested in living in a gated community? Great idea! But what should you know first about "gated communities?" What do they offer? Are they all the same?

First of all, note that there are both "gated communities" and "fraccionamientos". Some "fracs" will have gates at the entrance and others do not. The biggest difference we see between the two is that "fracs" generally have fewer rules and regulations as well as wider streets, bigger lots and overall more space.

A legal description of a fraccionamiento is as follows: The "subdivision" is an urban development in which its streets, infrastructure and services are donated and delivered to the municipality, acquiring the character of public property. The municipality, as the owner, is constitutionally obliged to maintain them and provide public services.

There are many different styles of gated communities from the wide streets and large homes in Raquet Club (fraccionamiento) to the 1000 sq ft condo units in Birds of Paradise (gated community) and all have different rules, amenities and HOA fees. Furthermore, you need to consider the rules on pets and whether or not garbage and water is included.

*The security in gated communities varies widely but can generally be broken down into 3 different levels of security.

  1. Owners who have a remote to the gate,

  2. The gardener, hired help or some kid might man the gate

  3. Full security with a professional security force.

Which one is right for you?

Following I've listed many of the most popular gated communities. Keep in mind that that it would be impossible to provide a complete list as there are so many available.

For a complete list of all the communities (both gated and non-gated) be sure to read my blog Lake Chapala Communities.

Name Location *Security Water Garbage Dogs Amenities

Mission Libramiento 1 inc inc 2 pool/C.H

Chula Vista

Chula Vista Libramiento 2 extra inc 2 no facilities


Birds of Libramiento 2 inc inc 0 pool/C.H/gym


El Dorado Libramiento 2 inc inc 2 pool/C.H


Las Terraces Libramiento 1 inc inc 2 pool/C.H

Vista Alegre Libramiento 3 inc inc 2 pool/C.H./tennis

Cielo Vista Libramiento 3 inc inc 2 pool/C.H./gym


La Villita La Floresta 2 metered inc 2 pool/tennis

Riviera Alta Above La Floresta 2 metered inc 2 pool/C.H.


Los Olivos Above La Floresta 1 inc inc 2 pool/C.H.

Lomas de Ajijic Upper Ajijic 2 inc inc 2 pool/C.H.

Lomas Upper Ajijic 2 inc inc 2 pool/C.H.

del Tepalo pickleball

Lomas Upper Ajijic 2 inc inc 2 pool/C.H.

del Lago

Mission Upper Ajijic 1 inc inc 2 pool/C.H.

del Lago

Jacarandas San Antonio 1 inc inc 2 pool/C.H.

Hamacas San Antonio 1 inc inc 2 pool/C.H.

Raquet Club San Juan Cosala 3 inc inc ~ pool/C.H./gym


If you are not yet sure that gated community living is right for you then read my previous blog on the Purchasing within a Gated Community.

Thanks for reading and be sure to subscribe to this website so you don't miss out on any of my informational blogs. See you soon in beautiful Lake Chapala!

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