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Moving to a new country away from your familiar surroundings can be a very daunting task. Simple everyday tasks, which you would otherwise take in stride, can become insurmountable obstacles to your happiness.
At Retire In Lake Chapala, our support starts from the moment you contact us, by offering you unlimited information to help make your transition to Lake Chapala as easy and as successful as possible.
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PERSONAL  'Week Long' 
Retirement Seminar  

It's often been said that visiting a place is way different from living in a place. Take our week long seminar and find out what it takes to move to and live in Lake Chapala.

We'll take you on tours of all the areas lakeside, you'll meet with a doctor, immigration lawyer, mover, rental specialist, real estate agent and more, so you can learn first hand what it's like to live in Lake Chapala.  You'll also receive in-house classes on a variety of topics such as internet & cell phone services, shopping online, home maintenance and so much more!

This Month's FEATURED Properties

Beautiful, quality homes in the most loved neighborhoods. Ask Michaela or Ricardo to show you one of these gems and begin living the life you deserve.

Looking For A House RENTAL?

If you are looking for a long term rental, look no further!

Here is our #1 blog on how to find rentals in Ajijic. It lists every rental agency, real estate company, Facebook Page, Spanish website and so much more! ALL the information is HERE for YOU!  (for rentals over a month to a year)

PERSONAL  4 Day  'Accelerated Course' Retirement Seminar

Are you short on time?  We understand, which is why we are introducing our 4 day accelerated programs for Retiring to Lake Chapala. 

We offer you options of Mon-Thur  OR Tues-Fri  in a condensed full schedule.

Tour the areas where 80% of the expats relocate to, visit with a doctor, immigration lawyer, mover, rental specialist, and real estate agent, and get the information you need to make an informed move to Lake Chapala.

Documents on a variety of other topics will be emailed to you during the program for self study.

PLAN Your Retirement In Lake Chapala

Over 130 blog articles packed full of information about visiting and making the expat transition to Mexico. This is your ONE STOP shop for expert advice on; Finding Rentals; Pros and Cons; Cost of Living; Buying & Selling Real Estate; Things to Do; Building; Surviving the Hot Months; & So Much More.....

Looking For A VACATION Rental?

If you are looking for a short term vacation rental then check out our new Facebook Page "Lake Chapala Vacation Rentals" or contact us and inquire about our Luxury Studio Apartment.

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Lake Chapala Home Buyers Handbook.jpg

If you are contemplating buying a home in Lake Chapala then this comprehensive Ebook is a must. Don't make expensive mistakes!

What this Ebook is all about and why you must have it

This Ebook covers all aspects of buying a home in Lake Chapala.


Chapter 1: Pros & Cons to Buying a Home

Chapter 2: Types of Homes Available in Lake Chapala

Chapter 3: Pros & Cons to Purchasing in a Gated Community

Chapter 4: Evaluating a Home

Chapter 5: Buying Property: Purchasing Considerations

Chapter 6: Household Water: The Vital Resource

Chapter 7: Picking a Great Real Estate Agent & Company

Chapter 8: After the Purchase: Maintaining a Home

Chapter 9 FAQ to Purchasing a Home in Lake Chapala

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Information on what it's like to live in Lake Chapala. Featured homes, expat interviews and video of various communities.  We've got it all for you!  Subscribe and enjoy our videos as our YouTube Channel grows through 2023.

Make comments, interact and let us know what videos you would like to have.

We're here for you!

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Video chat with us about all your questions. Connect with us on Skype, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and more.

We are here to talk to you "Face to Face"


Just  Contact Us  and let us know when you would like to chat and by what method and we'll set up a time.

We also provide virtual home tours so if you have a home you would like to see then let us know!

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I post about what it's like to live here, current events, important information on housing, rentals, sales, immigration, healthcare, building, buying, selling, how to bring your pets to Mexico, moving, and so much more.

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Honesty, Commitment, Trust
We lead you every step of the way
to make sure you have
a successful move to Lake Chapala.
Join us today and become part
of our Lakeside family.
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Michaela Sirbu & Ricardo Heckert

Listen to Scott & Camille's Expat Journey

Ricardo has been invaluable in leading us through the vagaries of preparing for the expat life in Lake Chapala. He personalized the seminar to our needs, which to our surprise changed a bit as we accumulated and processed new information.

Scott Woodard - Lake Chapala expat

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         Chapala Realtors

Chapala Realtors is one of the top Real Estate Agencies in the Ajijic and Chapala Area. With over a decade of experience we have a great network of clients to facilitate the buying and selling of real estate in Lake Chapala Mexico

Village Estate, Ajijic, Mexico
Lake Chapala view of Mt. Garcia
Lake Chapala malecon, Mexico
Lomas de Ajijic community, Mexico
Ajijic house, Mexico
Raquet Club, Lake Chapala, Mexico
La Christina, Ajijic, Mexico
Ajijic malecon, Ajijic, Mexico
West Ajijic house, Ajijic, Mexico
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