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Beautiful, quality homes in the most loved neighborhoods. Ask Michaela to show you one of these gems and begin living the life you deserve.

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We offer a FREE tour of the neighborhoods from Chapala to San Juan Coasala.. Discover where things are and where you might want to live.

Looking For A House RENTAL?

If you are looking for a rental, look no further! Here is our #1 blog on how to find rentals in Ajijic. It lists every rental agency, real estate company, Facebook Page, Spanish website and so much more! ALL the information is HERE for YOU!

Plan Your Retirement In Lake Chapala

Nearing 100 blog articles packed full of information about visiting and making the expat transition to Mexico. This is your ONE STOP shop for expert advice on; Finding Rentals; Pros and Cons; Cost of Living; Buying & Selling Real Estate; Things to Do; Building; Surviving the Hot Months; & So Much More.....

FREE Information on Building

If you are thinking of building in Lake Chapala, we can help! During the process of building our own home, we've made contacts and connections to all the best building material suppliers with the best prices to help make your dream come true. Contact us!

NEW   Rental Finder Service

.Too tired or don't have the time to scour 40+ pages of rental agencies, Facebook Pages and more? Worried about renting sight unseen over the internet? Let us help you rent with confidence! We're your feet on the ground to find a great rental.

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Do you have questions or fears about making the big move to a new county?

We're here to help! We now offer you a free 1/2 hour conference call so that you can ask all those top of mind questions and alleviate any doubt if moving to Ajijic is right for you.

The call will be held at 12 pm Pacific Standard Time each Saturday. Sign up by Thursday to make your appointment and get the straight goods on what it is like to live here.

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