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Surviving April & May In Lake Chapala

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

Dog with cold water bottle on head

I think it's safe to say that the months of April and May are the least favorite months for most of the expats living in Lake Chapala. Even though our climate here is touted as having the second best climate in the world, it does tend to get hot for a brief 2 months at the end of the dry season. The good news is that during this time the humidity is very low, around 15-40%, making it more bearable than if it was the same temperature along the ocean. But still, temperatures can reach the low to mid 90's at the peak of the day and the air is hot, dry and dusty.

With most places not having air conditioning, what are some of the things you can you do if you are living or visiting during this time in order to make yourself more comfortable?

Personal Comfort

  • Wear a large brimmed hat and sunglasses (this is important at any time of year here)

  • Use cooling towels on your neck (this are becoming very common and easily purchased north of the border)

  • Keep exercise and walking outdoors to a minimum during 10 am to 5 pm

  • Wear loose fitting summer cloths and/or cloths designed to wick moisture away from the body

  • Take brief and frequent showers during the hot part of the day

  • Do your shopping first thing in the morning

  • Watch and limit your alcohol intake

  • Drink lots of cool water from the fridge (this will really help to cool your body)

  • Stay in the shade or if out and about keep to the shady side of the street or in doorways of the sum

  • Take and use an umbrella (they are commonly used by the Mexican women)

  • Eat lighter and include more salads and fruit in your diet

In Your Home

  • Use room fans (make sure they are directed to blow the air down)

  • Add additional room fans if needed to blow air in the direction you want (ie. Cool air in from outside at night)

  • Avoid using the oven

  • Use shade screens, outdoor umbrellas, natural trees, bamboo screens, etc to provide as much shade as possible.

  • Keep windows and curtains (if you have them) closed on the sunny side and open on the shady side of the house

For Your Pets

  • Have cool water available all the time

  • Avoid the mid-day heat. Take walks and playtime in the mornings

  • Have your pet groomed with a 'summer' haircut

  • Leave your pets at home rather than in a car (even with the windows open)

  • Provide plenty of shady places for your pet (they will choose the area which is most comfortable for them)

That about wraps it up. If you have some suggestions as how to beat the heat then let me know.

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