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Types Of Homes For Sale In Lake Chapala

Village home on the Ajijic malecon

Lake Chapala is one of those unique and beautiful places to retire, and nowadays with the aid of the internet, word is spreading that this is THE premier place to live in Mexico. Excellent climate, low cost of living, and an established expat community are just a few of the many reasons to come to Lake Chapala for your retirement years.

In this blog I'll try to give you an idea of the large variety of housing options available to you and some of the areas where you can find it. Which one is right for you?

Village Homes

There are some beautiful estates in Ajijic Village along with some condominium units in Upper Ajijic. If you want to be close to where all the action and culture is, then a Village Home just might be for you.

Gated Communities

There are lots of gated communities east and west of Ajijic and along the Libramiento. Prices can range from the low $200's to $500,000+ depending on the community you choose. Benefits can include club houses, tennis courts, community pools, gyms and all the social events and camaraderie that goes with living in a community. See my blog on Living within a Gated Community

La Reserva, Ajijic Gated Community with clubhouse, tennis courts and marina

Single Family Residential Attached

On the outskirts of Ajijic and in neighboring towns such as San Antonio and Riberas del Pilar, you have available single family homes but sharing a common wall with your neighbor. Benefits can include your own yard, garage, terrace and mirador but the downside can be the common wall and close proximity to your neighbor.

Single Family Residential Unattached

In areas such as La Floresta, Chula Vista (Upper and Lower), Las Salvias and others, you can get a home that is detached from the others. Enjoy you own yard and complete privacy in your mini estate.


If rural is your thing, then check out areas such as Rancho del Oro, Brisas de Chapala, Chapala Haciendas, La Canacinta and La Cristina. These areas outside of Ajijic and Chapala can feature stunning views from a park-like setting. If you love trees and nature then these areas may be for you.

Country Living in Brisas de Chapala

Golf Course living

Love to Golf? There even is an area where you can live right on the golf course. Chapala Golf and Country club has a community called Vista del Lago which has homes at excellent prices right along the golf course. The downside is that it is about 35 minutes from Ajijic but the upsides are great prices, views and nature.

Vista del Lago Community on Chapala Golf & Country Club


Love horses? There are many rural areas such a Ixtlahuacan, east and west of Ajijic, and east of Chapala, and south of the lake that are picture perfect for your horses, donkeys, big dogs and the country lifestyle. All within an easy 15 minute to one hour drive to Ajijic.


We even have a little bit of the city lifestyle which you can find by living the El Dorado Tower or the new commercial/residential building going up beside the Coca Cola distribution warehouse in San Antonio.

In Lake Chapala, you can truly find anything your heart desires. From ultra modern to traditional Mexican style, it's all here

For more information about these areas view my Communities Blog.

Please feel free to contact me and thanks for reading.

El Dorado Tower, Ajijic

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