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Ajijic Village: Upper vs Lower

Upper Ajijic view

Many of my clients who come looking for a home want to live in Ajijic Village. But there is more to the village than just the plaza area with its stores and restaurants. A different lifestyle can be found depending on whether or not you purchase in Lower Ajijic or Upper Ajijic. The dividing line between the two being the Carretera (highway) that passes though town from Chapala to Jocotopec.

If you are thinking that you want to live in Ajijic Village then here are the Pros and Cons to each.

Upper Ajijic – Pros

  • View – Without a doubt this is the Number 1 reason for living in Upper Ajijic. Truly awesome lake and village views are available from most Upper Ajijic locations.

Upper Ajijic – Cons

  • Noise – All the noise of lower Ajijic travels up the hill so you so hear all the barking dogs, traffic on the Carretera, festivals, roosters, etc.

  • Mexican Barrio – Many of the poorer Mexicans seem to live on the upper side of the Carretera so you pass through some of the poorest sections of Ajijic on your way to the top.

  • Hilly – If you want the views, you have to pay the price and that means hills. Living at the top is great but if you are one who likes to take after dinner walks or a stroll into town, then you may not like the fact that you have steep hills to climb.

  • Further to walk to Lower Ajijic – Lower Ajijic is where all the shops, restaurants and markets are so you have further to walk to get to these destinations.

  • No Stores or Restaurants – There are very few restaurants and only a few local corner stores available in Upper Ajijic. This means you will be using your car every time you want to go out to dinner or need a few grocery items.

  • Poorer Roads – The roads in Upper Ajijic are not as well maintained as in Lower Ajijic. All of Ajijic has cobble stone streets but the ones in Upper Ajijic seem worse for wear.

Lower Ajijic - Pros

  • Stores and Restaurants – Lots of shops and restaurants within easy walking distance to anywhere, including the malacon

  • On the Bus Route – The 3rd class eastbound bus runs through the middle of Lower Ajijic on Constitution Street and westbound on Zaragoza Street so it is easy to catch the bus in either direction. Second class buses can be picked on the Carretera going both directions.

Lower Ajijic - Cons

  • Noise – I was going to leave this one out for Lower Ajijic so as not to be repetitive, but a client who is renting in Lower Ajijic was complaining how noisy it is for them. There is more noise from bars, restaurants, dogs, roosters, etc, depending on where exactly you live. Unfortunately, that's village life and it effects both Lower and Upper Ajijic

  • Mosquitoes and Roaches – Depending on the area in Lower Ajijic there may be more mosquitoes and cockroaches due to the fact that it is a lower lying area.

  • Flooding - More rainfall during rainy season can affect some areas of lower Ajijic. Usually this is temporary. A knowledgeable Realtor can help you choose the right areas.

  • Road Closures - Lower Ajijic is the center of festivals and parades due to the proximity of the church. As a result there are more road closures due to parades and festivals making it difficult at times to get in and out of your home.

Keep in mind that I am just talking about Ajijic village proper, The story is a little different if you consider La Floresta which is on the east side of Ajijic (both Upper and Lower) and somewhat different again for the west side, Tio Domingo (Lower) and Las Salvias (Upper).

If you have any comments or additional pros and cons that I may have missed, please feel free to post.

If you want more information about anything in this blog please contact me and thanks for reading.

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