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Why is Ajijic Special?

Mural on Ajijic malacon

I often see this question while cruising the social web boards. Why is Ajijic special? Well, it's hard to answer that in just few lines so I thought I would dedicate a whole blog article to it.

For me, it is the near constant sunshine and year around perfect temperatures. Getting up in the morning and seeing the sun start to peak out over the horizon virtually every single day of the year is energizing for me. The birdies start their singing right at the crack of dawn each day and I love to lay there for 10 minutes just listening to their beautiful songs. Then it's up and at 'em. The transition from night to day happens quickly at this latitude and within 20 minutes the sun is jumping up over the horizon and I jump up with it to greet another glorious day.

If the weather doesn't do it for you, then Ajijic is special for it's community. There are so many things to do here with over 80 organized clubs and groups. If you can't find something here that you like to do then you're probably dead.

Just going out to coffee, breakfast, lunch or dinner is a glorious affair. Within just minutes of walking or driving, you gain accessibility to a host of restaurants with food from around the world, and all at roughly half the cost or less of what you would pay north of the border. Every ethnicity is represented here in the food world. Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Argentinian, Indian and so much more.

If you are a shopper or just love beautiful things and beautiful art, then enjoy the huge variety of handicrafts and art to be found just about everywhere in Ajijic. The biggest problem always is what to buy?

The Ajijic malacon, along with the malacon in Chapala are the crown jewels of their respective towns. A stroll along either of them makes for a relaxing walk and a chance to meet old and new friends.

The lakeside area is also special for having the mountains and the lake (Mexico's largest body of water) and each of them constantly call for me in their own special voice to hike them or kayak their waters.

Pickleball in Ajijic

Into sports? Then you are in luck. Tennis, pickleball, volleyball, soccer, baseball, golf, swimming, you name it, it's all here and you can do it all 365 days a year because the weather is always great.

When the day is done, you have hopefully saved up some energy because that is when the action is just beginning. During the evenings, there are a multitude of restaurants that have dancing with live entertainment and luckily the dancing here starts early. Most entertainment starts between 6 and 8 and ends by 9-11 but if you are a late night person and require little sleep, there is a night club which just starts to get going at 11 pm.

If you don't have the energy for dancing there is still lots to do. With two live theaters, two movie theaters, and a couple auditoriums, there is always something to watch while relaxing in a chair.

Bird of Paradise in Lake Chapala

Ajijic is a dream come true for the photographer or 'lazy bones', too. If you are of the more sedentary nature, then enjoy the sites and colors of Ajijic through the lens of a camera or by just sitting in the plaza and simply taking it easy. This is a sure fire way to get to meet new people from all over the world and hear interesting life stories.

If there is something you cannot find in Lake Chapala then Guadalajara is only an hour away. Mexico's second largest city has everything you could ever desire including inexpensive world class health care.

And when you need a break or a complete change of pace, then the Guadalajara International Airport is an easy 30 minute drive from Ajijic, where planes are just waiting to take you to any part of the world you wish.

Why is Ajijic special? Where else can you find so much in such a small area? Where else can you find a large connected community of like-minded expats? Where else can you have so much fun in a single place? Where else can you love the weather every day of the year? Where else do you have such easy access to a major international airport? Where else do you have such excellent and inexpensive healthcare? Ajijic is special for all these reasons and more and I invite you to come on down and find out for yourself.

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions about Ajijic simply drop me line through the contact box on this website or through my Facebook Page. I look forward to hearing from you and thanks for reading.

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