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Mexico Cracks Down On Taxes: How To Get Your RFC Number

In 2022, the Federal Mexican government implemented a plan to have all Mexican and foreign residents (18 years of age and over) obtain their RFC number. Needless to say, this is a mammoth undertaking and the 6 months originally allotted was extended for another 6 months with certain restrictions as to who can be processed. Currently, only Permanent Resident card holders are being accepted. Once the backlog eases us, it is expected that Temporary Resident card holders will be accepted starting in 2023.

What is an RFC number?

Like a social security number, this one is specifically for the purpose of tracking and collecting taxes.

Who needs to get it done?

All Mexican Nationals and Permanent Foreign Residents are required to have their RFC number by the end of 2022. Temporary Residents have been delayed for the time being until the back log of applicants are processed.

Once you have an RFC number, you must also obtain a document called Constancia de Situación Fiscal (Proof of Fiscal/Tax Situation), which will soon be needed to contract electric, water, cable and Internet services, among others.

The RFC number and the Constancia de Situación Fiscal are used by the Mexican government to track income and potential money laundering among many other things. Without an RFC number on your CFE bill, you won’t be able to sell your house. You will also need an RFC to open a bank account or buy a car.

Getting your RFC#

Here are the information and documentation you need to facilitate an appointment for a new registration with SAT:

Applying for a RFC number must be done in person at the nearest Sistema de Administración Tributaria (SAT) office but you must first make an appointment online via the agency’s online portal, and choosing the option for an individual taxpayer (persona física).

On the day of your appointment, you will need to take the following to the SAT office:

1. Email address

2. Phone number (Mexican cell number is preferable, if available)

3. Passport

4. Immigration Card (temporary or permanent)

5. Proof of Residence (utility bill in applicant's name and issued within the last three months - if bill is not in applicant's name, an original signed rental agreement will be needed - if a rental agreement is not available, please contact us for alternatives)

6. Printout of your CURP.

7. USB thumbdrive

• A printed copy of all of the documents listed above.

During the application process, SAT will collect biometric data from applicants, including facial photographs and fingerprints. There is no cost involved in applying for an RFC number and, if you show up prepared, the application process in a SAT office shouldn’t take longer than 90 minutes.

For the Constancia de Situación Fiscal, you can complete the process online, but you must have a RFC number before you can fill out the form.

What is the procedure for getting your RFC?

It involves obtaining an appointment at a SAT office in Guadalajara. You need to be at your appointment time 15 minutes ahead of schedule.

The procedure is the usual layers of Mexican Government bureaucracy. First your paperwork is checked to make sure you have all the paperwork and photocopies required and are issued a ticket number. Then you are directed to a waiting area until your ticket number is called and you are directed to one of the many desks. The person at the desk inputs all your information into the computer from your documents. At this point you are given your RFC number and then you are told to go back to the waiting area until your ticket number is called again. Once you receive the call, you are directed to another part of the room to make digital signatures, facial photographs, fingerprints and take an optical scan.

If you need help in obtaining your RFC number or would like more information then drop us a line. We have trusted contacts to make it easy.

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