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Lake Chapala Retirement Seminar - Learning about Lake Chapala

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

I feel blessed to be able live in such a beautiful place and to be able to give back and help people discover a place I truly love! Hence, the creation of Lake Chapala Retirement Seminars, an exciting and interactive way to discover all there is to know about making the transition to Lake Chapala, Mexico.

At the end of my Seminars, I love to talk to the participants and learn what they liked and disliked about the Lake Chapala. Here are the responses from one of my recent clients:

Q. Tell us a bit about yourselves. Where did you come from and why did you choose Ajijic?

A. Hi, We're Ron and Debbie from West Virginia. I was viewing and searching for YouTube videos about retirement life in Panama and came across the Retire in Lake Chapala videos. Became intrigued by what we viewed and decided to take Ricardo's tour.

Q. After almost a week now....what are your first impressions of Lake Chapala area?

A. Love it. The atmosphere, the shopping, the homes, the restaurants. Love it.

Q. What has appealed to you most?

A. The neighborhoods and the cost of living.

Q. Is there any community or area that you've liked the best so far?

A. Yes, it was the Racquet Club, until you took us home shopping today. Now, it is Riberas Pilar. Quiet neighborhood, and the streets are lined with beautiful and unique homes.

Q. What are your thoughts on the various different villages and towns and their malecons?

A. Each village is unique in it's own right. Some are located within forest type areas, some are situated in the mountains and others near the center of their respective towns. The malecons offer different views of the lake and also offer more restaurant options.

Q. You are here for a week taking our Retirement Seminar....and you've seen all the professionals... has it been helpful? Have they answered all your questions?

A. Yes, all of the professionals we spoke with were able to answer all of our questions and even presented us with questions that we did not even think to ask and then provided answers to those questions. For example, which type of vehicle would we be looking to purchase and then providing feedback on that vehicle type and on the types of vehicles which have a history of doing well/surviving the famed cobblestone streets.

Q. You and your wife asked to see a dentist to get quotes on doing some dental surgery. What was your experience like and how did the price of the treatments compare to the states?

A. Experience was excellent. Ricardo was able to schedule appointments for us, even though it was a last minute request. The appointments went well and we discovered that the dental work we wish to have completed would cost a fraction of what it would in the US.

Q. In general, how have you found the cost of living to be? In Restaurants? Grocery items?

A. Based on what we have gleaned during the visit, I would say comfortably affordable. Restaurants - good food, good portions, enjoyable atmosphere, and cheap prices.

Q. Any advice you would like to give to others who are considering relocating to Lake Chapala?

A. Research via the numerous YouTube videos and make sure to take Ricardo's relocation tour which is excellent! The tour will allow you to experience life in Chapala first hand, and verify or correct any information that you may have already acquired, while also providing you with information which you may not know that you need.

There you have it folks, straight forward information on what it is like to live in Lake Chapala.

Note: We have two Retirement Seminar packages to choose from; Personal and Group. Which one is right for you?

The Personal Seminar includes 7 nights accommodation in our luxury studio apartment (king sized bed), airport transfers and breakfasts. There is more touring of the communities with the Personal Seminar (vs. the Group) and you visit with 10 professionals. It is a more relaxed pace and you get to feel what it's really like to live here.

The Group Seminar is a more intensive program of information. It is a 5 day program. The program includes 20 professional speakers but less touring (vs. the Personal Seminar), although you will still get to see the all the main communities where 80% of the expats end up living. All lunches for the 5 days of the program are included. You choose and pay for your own accommodations and airport taxi. (Note: that in many cases breakfasts are included in your hotel stay if you choose a hotel or B&B)

So, bottom line, depending on the accommodations you choose, the Personal and Group Seminars are similar in price for two people. If you are a single person it would be cheaper to do the Group Seminar.

For raw information, the Group Seminar is outstanding! You'll get so much information and we will help you make sense of it.

The Personal, as I noted, is a little more laid back and can be tailored to your specific requirements. Please let me know if you have questions. I've included the two websites below with daily itinerary's:

Looking forward to to meeting you all in beautiful Lake Chapala.

Live your best life! Contact Us!

Michaela & Ricardo are your FULL SERVICE Real Estate Agents. Along with our Retirement Seminars, our over 20 years of combined experience Lakeside, and our network of area Professionals, we help guide you to from beginning to forever in your Retirement Journey to Lake Chapala, Mexico.

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