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Community Spotlight - Riberas del Pilar

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Riberas del Pilar is an affordable area situated between the village of San Antonio Tlayacapan and the town of Chapala. It is a very large area of residential homes both on the north and south side of the carretera (highway) with many businesses and restaurants running all along the carretera.

Depending on where you live in Riberas and your physical shape, it may be too far to walk to Chapala or San Antonio and a car might be needed.

Being out of the villages it is an area that does not receive as much noise from cohetes (loud fireworks) and is a beautiful and quiet area to walk without too much traffiic. An added plus is that this is one of the most affordable areas close to all the amenities of Chapala and San Antonio.

Riberas is one of the fastest growing areas of Lake Chapala and while there are some growing pains associated with the construction it bodes well for the future of the area as more people means more dollars and more voice for improved local infrastructure.

Riberas has received a ton of new shops and services in recent years like Ponchos and Gourmet Garage for food, fresh berry and produce stands on careterra, Dr offices/clinics, dentists, Pemex and Oxxo, car repair shops, great restaurants, thrift stores, their own weekend Dusty Chicken, carnitas, pharmacy, vets, churches and the newly relocated Diane Pearl, all within walking distance.

Basically it has everything but without the crowds and congestion that some experience closer to Ajijic.

But no place is perfect, issues are: standing water on the streets (low water table), rougher roads, some sewage overflow, and the well water is not as good as many other wells in the area requiring an excellent water filtration system for the house and constant monthly filter changes.

Some of these issues are avoided by purchasing on the upper side of the carretera verses closer to the waters edge.

What do people living there say about Riberas del Pilar?

For the most part, people who are living there absolutely love Riberas. They like it for the peace, tranquility and country like setting yet close to everything either by foot or car.

For an insightful look at what people in the community are saying you can click and read this recent Facebook thread.

Is Ribers del Pilar someplace you should be considering when re-locating to Lake Chapala? It all depends on you and your wants and needs.

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