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Street Vendors Of Ajijic

Every day street vendors set up their merchandise along the side of the carretera (highway) in Ajijic. Indeed, part of the color and flair of living in Ajijic (or Mexico in general) are the the street vendors. Day in, day out, you'll find these hard working entrepreneurs working to sell their wares from their 'street front' store. They all have their spots and are found in the exact same place day after day. As the seasons come and go you'll notice some variance in the items sold. Christmas will bring articles for Navidad including trees and during Patsquaro around Easter you'll find more religious symbols and statues of Christ.

I hope you enjoy this visual wonder of Ajijic and commend the heart and spirit of these hard working people.

Thank you for reading this blog. Hope to see you soon in beautiful Ajijic, Lake Chapala.


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