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A Mexican Dream

Butterfly in Ajijic, Mexico

I was dreaming of birdies singing outside my bedroom window. The covers were low over my naked body but I was not cold. The temperature was, in fact, perfect. I relaxed in a half sleep knowing that I really had no where I had to go. No appointments, no schedule, I didn't have to be at work at specific time, didn't have to fight the traffic or answer to anyone.

Finally the chatter of the birdies got to be so loud that it woke me from my slumber. Relaxed and feeling refreshed, I rose and arrived in the kitchen to start a coffee to go with my French Pastries from the French Patisserie.

Already in the light of dawn I marveled at hummingbirds having their morning breakfast on the white mandevilla flowers outside my window. The early morning sunlight casting a yellowish glow to all the the forest beyond. Sipping my morning coffee, I enjoyed a leisurely hour casting about the internet and reading the horrors in the news throughout the world. Finally, almost exhausted with grief and depression, I washed my mug and laced up my running shoes to join the wildlife outside my door with a sauntering stroll. After wading through the multitudes of butterflies in the garden, my sauntering stroll soon became a vigorous walk as my body came alive with the sights and sounds and smells of a glorious morning. Energized, I walked the 4 km to the Mexican Village of Ajijic where I couldn't resist the smells of fresh brewed Mexican coffee and took a break to admire my surroundings. Here, people were smiling and laughing and speaking in a foreign language. Spanish. “Buenos Dias”, “Como estas?” “Estoy muy bien, gracias”. Everyone was happy. No one seemed stressed. Memories of all the tragedies I read about in the world this morning started to pass from my mind and I smiled again. Wearing only running shorts and a T shirt, the air caressed my body with not even a hint of coolness from the night. Another perfect sunny day.

I began my walk home and upon arriving, grabbed my pickleball raquet and jumped in my car for the 7 minute country road drive to the pickleball courts. I played hard and well, winning most of my games. I returned home and showered, exchanging my pickleball raquet for swim trunks.

I stopped quickly at a taco stand for a few refreshing tacos and then at a nearby coconut stand for some fresh coconut water, marveling at the deft strokes the man made with his machete, and within 2 minutes was at the pool where I met all my friends for a lively game of pool volleyball. What fun!

Settling in the hot tub after, we shared stories of our great day over a couple beers before I returned home. There, I began to read a book on my tablet and then, feeling sleepy, enjoyed a nice nap in the late afternoon. Ahhhh.

Arising, feeling hungry after all my activities, my wife and I headed out to a restaurant for a delicious meal. With drinks and hearty portions, the bill only came to $22. Surprised, and in awe of the excellent service, I left a generous tip.

A look at my phone indicated we could just catch a movie at the theater. $3.00 for a ticket? I must still be dreaming!

Upon arriving home after the show, I fell into bed, weary, but happy for such an eventful and enjoyable day.....

I awoke with a start. Birdies were singing outside my window. I smiled. It wasn't a dream after all. At 58 years of age I am living in Ajijic, Lake Chapala and I am living life to the fullest.

Now.....what will I do today?

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