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7 Things You Must Do When Visiting Ajijic

Colon Street, Ajijic

# 1. Stroll on the Malacon - The Ajijic Malacon is the the jewel of Ajijic. Take a leisurely stroll down the path along the lake past the skateboard park all the way to the end and back. Enjoy the sights, sounds and music of being in Mexico while feeling the fresh breeze and sun caress your face. Marvel in scenery of the local fishing boats on the lake, children swimming, and local anglers trying their luck with rod and reel.

Best time to go is in the mornings, evenings and on weekends (especially Sunday afternoon) when there is sure to be some local fiestas. Starts at Colon Street and ends at Francisco Villa.

# 2. Dining at the plaza – This is a must. The atmosphere sitting at one of the cafe's or the El Jardin Restaurant is second to none. Mariachis and local entertainment serenade and add to the atmosphere of Mexican town life. Make new friends and enjoy a cafe latte. Purchase a hat from a local vendor or some fresh berries from the Mexican child. Or just relax and enjoy the ambiance of all that is Mexico.

# 3. Wednesday market – Everything you could possibly want is at the Wednesday Market. Local foods cooked right in front of you, fresh fruits and vegetables, music cds or the latest run movies on DVD, blender parts, cosmetics, books, puppies, fish, pizza and even colored baby chicks at Easter, you name it, it can be found at the Wednesday Market. Located on Revolution street just east of Ajijic. This is not to be missed!!

# 4. Sunday night in the Plaza – This is so fun. Locals and gringos mixing together in a pot- pourri of joyousness. Local kids out playing along with grandma and grandpa sitting on the benches, everyone has a great time socializing and reconnecting.

# 5. Shopping on colon – So many stores and so little time! Colon street has the most tourist stores in Ajijic. Stroll from the Plaza the 3 blocks down to the lake and dip into each and every one and be amazed at the great selection of local artistry, knick knacks, sculptures, paintings and beautiful clothing offered for sale. Don't be surprised if you get lost in some of the stores as most started out as local homes and tend to be mazes with many small rooms, corridors and courtyards. Enjoy!

# 6. Enjoy local entertainment – Almost every cafe and local restaurant has some entertainment on a daily basis. Guitarists, brass bands, keyboardists, singers, and mariachi will entertain and thrill you. Some bands play around lunchtime (12:00-2:00) but the real entertainment starts at 7:00 or 8:00. Make sure to wear your dancing shoes because here in Mexico dancing is popular and breaks out at every possible opportunity, so don't be shy. (Check out my other blog on entertainment for more information as to where and when or contact me to find out what's happening during your stay.)

# 7. Attend an open house – By now you will be wishing you sold your house from wherever you came from because you want to live here. So be sure to attend an open house or two and see what you can purchase for so very little. You will be amazed at the value and the fascinating and decadent homes hiding behind the walls. Open house listings are shown on the Chapala MLS website or just watch for and follow the signs posted along the Carretera (highway). Most open houses are for 3 hours and begin anywhere from 10:00 in the morning to 4:00 in the afternoon. To view homes be sure to contact me through this website. Thanks for reading and see you soon.

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