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Community Spotlight: La Floresta

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

The sculpture at La Floresta, Ajijic

La Floresta, Lake Chapala, is one of the most beautiful and desirable areas in the Lake Chapala area. La Floresta, which means “Where the flowers are”, is known for it's wide, century's old, tree lined, cobblestone streets. Most of the houses in La Floresta are large mansion style affairs although there are a few smaller houses as well and all have some front yard in front of the entrance and wall. There are still a few lots left but expect to pay handsomely for the pleasure of building your dream home in this area.

La Floresta is located just east of Ajijic, in between Ajijic and San Antonio, so having a car is optional as both centers are only a 10-15 minute walk. La Floresta is bordered on the west by Revolution Street (better known as the Wednesday market street) and on the east at the first street west of the Wal-Mart lights. La Floresta is also divided into Upper and Lower La Floresta and the dividing line is the Carretera (highway). Watch my video on Lower La Floresta to get a feel for what the area has to offer.

Most Lower La Floresta houses will not have a view of the lake and due to the gradual slope, only about a third of the Upper La Floresta houses will have a view, and then only from the upper story or mirador.

La Floresta street, Ajijic

La Floresta has a maintenance staff which picks up garbage six days a week, maintains the roads and utilities such as lights and water, and security in the form of security patrols.

La Floresta is home to the only Yacht Club in Ajijic. Club Nautico La Floresta, a members-only boating and social club. It has tennis courts, sauna, pool, bar and restaurant plus facilities for holding your event right on the shore of Lake Chapala.

The Hotel Real de Chapala, the largest hotel in the area, is also located right on the shores of Lake Chapala. It is an upscale hotel with 85 rooms and 5 Suites. The hotel has extensive gardens, lakeside dining, and mountain and lake views. In addition, it has four halls for conventions and events, restaurant, bar, tennis, soccer and volley ball courts, and a recreational area for children.

You can view their website here for more information:

Hotel Real de Chapala, Ajijic

La Floresta is the home to the Auditorio de la Ribera. A 465-seat auditorium where international performers, folkloric dance groups, plays and choral groups may be seen and enjoyed on a regular basis. Keep abreast of the latest entertainment through their Facebook Page.

The only Water-park in the area, (Tobolandia) is in La Floresta. Besides thrilling rides down tubes and shoots, it is also the place to go for major events such as the traveling circus, the Chili Cook Off, and the Food Truck Fair, to name only a few.

Enjoy riding horses? Then you have moved to the right place. On Camino Real, the first main east/west boulevard from the lake, is the place where all the horse rentals are available. For only a few pesos you can pick your horse and pick your trip around the area or up the mountain.

Here are some further details on the community of La Floresta:

Home price ranges: $200,000-$1,000,000 USD

Land costs: $400-$550 per square meter

Average HOA fee: $500 pesos per month (includes water, garbage pick-up, street lighting, road maintenance and security patrols)

For a complete list of all the communities Lakeside, view our blog Lake Chapala Communities and if you would like further information on the benefits of living in La Floresta and Ajijic Contact Us

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