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5th Of February in Mexico

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

Today is the 5th of February which is Constitution Day. A very important day in Mexico. The day that in 1919 established a government apart from the church.

So what are long weekends like in Lake Chapala and Mexico? Like in Canada and the U.S., government offices and banks are closed as well as many businesses like realty offices and yoga centers. It is a time for the Mexican populace to head to the beach or lake, vacation homes and visit with family. The roads are busy and the restaurants even busier. But everyone is relaxed and having fun and as always the sun is shining on Lake Chapala.

It is wonderful to see all the Mexican families having their picnics in the parks on the lake and all the kids enjoying themselves with football, swimming, basketball and other games.

For us Gringos, we go about their daily business of eating out, club meetings, golfing and socializing like any other day of the week.

Here is an article on the importance of Constitution Day and some fun facts:

Enjoy your 5th of February and thanks for reading

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