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Lake Chapala: Close to Everything!

One of the most appealing things about living and retiring in Ajijic (besides the cost of living and the second best climate in the world) is the fact that it is so close to everything. Right now, I am at the ocean enjoying a few days off in Manzanillo. The pacific coastline and the city of Manzanillo is a mere 3 1/2 hours away over an excellent toll road. Santiago Beach in Manzanillo is one of the best walking and swimming beaches on the coastline. The beach is absolutely gorgeous and not crowded. Numerous rentals are available as well as hotels such as the Barcelo. Everything you could possibly want is here with Wal-Mart and all the chain stores represented.

If you want something a little closer to Lake Chapala, the first beach you hit on the way to the coast is the town of Cuyatlan. This is a black sand beach and the town is very small and quaint. If you are looking for an 'off the grid' holiday and the ultimate chill experience, then look no further. Cuyaltlan is only 3 hours from Ajijic over the same toll road to Manzanillo.

Beaches not your thing? Then the city life of Guadalajara is waiting for you only 1 hour away. Culture, box stores, hard to find items and services, as well as world class health care are all available in Mexico's second largest city of 8 million people.

But what if you want to REALLY get away from it all or head back home to the U.S. or Canada? Well, then you are in luck again as the Guadalajara International Airport is only 1/2 hour away. Located on the Lake Chapala side of Guadalajara, the drive is pleasant and easy without much traffic over good highway.

Does living in Lake Chapala tick all the boxes for retirement living? Yes, I have to say that all things considered, retiring in Lake Chapala is one of the best moves you could make in your life.

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