Fun Facts About Ajijic and Lake Chapala

March 10, 2017


Did you know...


Ajijic is located 5,046 ft (1,538 m) above sea level


Lake Chapala is Mexico's largest natural lake stretching 50 mi (80 km) east/west and averaging 7.8 mi (12.5 km) north/south. It has and average depth of 15 ft (4.5 m) and a maximum depth of 34 ft (10.5 m)


Lake Chapala has 4 primary rivers flowing into the lake (Rio Zula, Rio Lerma, Rio Huaracha, and Rio Duero) and one primary outflow (Rio Grande de Santaigo) which flows into the Pacific Ocean


Lake Chapala has three islands (Isla de los Alacranes, Isla Mezcala and La Isla Menor)


Lake Chapala is a major resting area for migratory birds including the American White Pelican and that as many as 173 bird species have been recorded at one time.


Ajijic is home to approximately 15,000 people but the population can double in the winter when the tourists and snowbirds arrive


Lake Chapala has a year around average temperature of 72 F (21 C)


Lake Chapala has an average rainfall of 34 inches (860 mm). Almost all of which falls between June and October and predominately at overnight


May is the hottest month just before the onset of the rainy season with highs hitting 92 F (33 C)


The Lake Chapala Society is one of the largest ex-pat community of its kind with over 3000 members but started with just 21 people in 1955


Ajijic is home to Mexico's oldest English-speaking playhouse theatre, started in 1965


The first steamboat was launched on Lake Chapala in 1868


The first automobile came to Lake Chapala in 1909


The railroad was pushed into Lake Chapala in 1920


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