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10 Things Living In Ajijic Has Taught Me

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

Ajijic Sign on the malecon

I truly feel that the move to Ajijic 11 years ago has changed my life! For the better! What a wonderful, fantastic opportunity this has been for me. And to top it all off, I met the love of my life in Ajijic. In this incredibly small town, in a different country, here of all places it magically came to pass.

So what, you might ask, has been so significant that I want to put it all down on paper and tell the world? Read on and find out how living in Ajijic has changed my life.

1. A Stress Free Life – Never in Canada did I live and work with such utter peace. I am not sure I can describe it but it might be the lack of having to walk between the lines set out in the Canadian society (or it just might be the weather). Social norms and governmental controls are more relaxed here and even though I sometimes can get stressed with the job, overall, I have never felt so relaxed as I do living in Ajijic.

2. A Slower Pace– Part of it could be contributed to the pace of life. Things are definitely slower here and have their own rhythm.

3. A Greater Sense of Community - While I have always had a sense of community while living in Canada, somehow it is different here. It is very easy to get involved in charities and helping out other people. Over the past few years, I have really gotten involved in helping out the family of my housekeeper, and other close friends. Maybe it is the reality of not being in your own county but here people really pull together and help each other out.

4. A Simpler Way of Living – Although I never have been a materialistic person, I find that here the simple life is best. No need to complicate your life with toys but instead be happy with what you have. 5. Adaptability and to Ask for Help – Moving to a new country is not for the faint of heart. There are many challenges that have to be faced but luckily, in Ajijic, there is a huge built in support network already in place. So why not take advantage of it? Life can be made so much easier in Mexico when you open up and ask for help.

6. Courtesy and Kindness – The Mexican people in general are very courteous and kind. Living here has renewed my sense of helping others and has helped me in extending courtesies to others in every day life.

7. A Greater appreciation of the Little Things – I've gained greater appreciation for a sunny day, the beautiful yellow and red birds, the multitudes of colorful butterflies, electricity, internet, and a nice cold glass of aqua fresca (fruit infused water).

8. A Love for Quality Food – No more junk food! Virtually everything is grown in Mexico and incredibly we can access virtually everything right here in this small town. Home grown products and organic products are abundant. Can you say “fresh?”

9. A Greater Sense of Freedom – After having lived in Canada for 27 years and endured walking between the lines every step of the way, toeing the line, paying those taxes, etc, living in Mexico has been a huge breath of fresh air.

10. Happiness and Generosity – Every day I see poverty, but are they really poor or only in my eyes?? It's amazing at times to see families living in what we would consider shacks and yet I see that they are happy. I see the children go off to school dressed in their perfectly white uniforms; I see the quincineras (celebrations for the girl turning into a woman at 15); the weddings; the people traveling in the bus (whom I am sure don't have a lot to give) handing out pesos to a child singing or a guitarist playing; the Mexican people jumping out to help push a car of a total stranger that died on the road; or helping the Red Cross by adding money to their tin can. Even when so many have so little to give, they give so much. This is Mexico and these are some of the things that living in Ajijic has taught me.

For more information about about anything in this article or just to ask a question, please Contact Me through my website or Facebook Page. Thanks for reading!

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