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Lake Chapala Retirement

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

La Pueblita Retirement Community, Ajijic

There was a big announcement recently in the Guadalajara Reporter newspaper about a new 200 bed retirement home being built in Ajijic. This is fantastic news for the area and is filling a huge demand as the baby boomer population grows older and more and more people discover the benefits of living out their best years in Lake Chapala.

Ajijic is already supported by a wide variety of retirement homes with various levels of care but all of them are small. While there is a niche for these small, well run care homes, there is also a demand for a more full facility retirement community like the ones found north of the border.

Northstar Senior Living has come to the rescue with it's new retirement center called La Pueblita. Northstar already administers and operates 35 large retirement communities in the U.S. so this is their area of expertise.

La Pueblita is going to feature 200 units with accommodations for 270 people in a variety of housing options from studio suites to one and two bedroom apartments/houses. And that's only in the first stage! Common areas will include a casa club with bar/private dining area, lounge, snack bar, gym, pool, spa, crafts room, auditorium, library, pharmacy, convenience store, restaurants, and cafeteria. Both basic and advanced medical care will be provided by a qualified bilingual staff offering varied levels of services and nursing care up to and including Alzheimers patients. Also planned for the completion stage is a clinic for alternative medicine, physical therapy and rehabilitation services, steam room, and an anti-aging therapy area. In short, it will basically be it's own little village!

All basic services are provided such as daily meals, maintenance, electricity, water, and internet.

Building will begin shortly with a hoped for completion date of June 2019.

Other exciting changes are also happening in Ajijic with the announcements of two new hospitals!

San Antonio Hospital, Ajijic

First there is the new Maskaras Clinic which is being built between San Antonio and Riberas. The original Maskaras Clinic is located on the east end of Riberas. This development has already broken ground and is progressing rapidly.

The clinic/hospital will be built in 2 phases with the first phase expected to be completed in a year. The first phase will have 4 beds for the ER with an additional 10 beds available for admitting patients as needed. Diagnostic Imaging will be extensive with MRI and CT scans.

La Ribera Medical Center, Ajijic

This development comes on the heels of yet more great news of another hospital in San Antonio on the bypass road.

The Ribera Medical Clinic is expected to break ground next month and will have 29 rooms and an extensive array of specialized physicians and services.

Of course, this is all on top of the existing (but aging) Ajijic Hospital located in downtown Ajijic and Dr. Leons office in Ajijic.

(Update: Dr. Leons office has moved to new facilities in Villa Nova)

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