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Ajijic Fishing Club - Club Profile

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

Bass from Lake Chapala

The Ajijic Fishing Club brings together like minded people to share stories and information about fishing in Mexico. We are now approaching 70 members signed up to the email list with 2 or 3 more being added monthly. The club meets at Dona Lola Restaurant on the Carretera in West Ajijic for breakfast the first Monday of every month.

Some of the things the club offers are:

- a store which carries basic freshwater gear for sale

- a loaner tackle store which is free of charge for anyone to use (a small donation is appreciated)

- fishing shirts with the club logo are available for sale

- fishing hats are available with the club logo, as well as Cabela's hats

- group trips to the tackle store in Guadalajara

- group trips to the licensing office in Guadalajara for fishing licenses

- tech support for obtaining your fishing license on-line

- a canoe which is free of charge for use by club members

- club outings to various lakes for bass; saltwater fishing trips to the ocean

The club has had many successful group trips. A few of the most recent are:

- Barra de Navidad – A 3 day saltwater trip where a single 100 kg marlin was landed and others lost

- Aqua Milpa – (the most popular bass lake in the area) Two trips were recently held in which everyone caught many largemouth bass

- A 5 day trip to Cabo Pulmo on Baja California where many yellowfin tuna were caught

Upcoming trips include:

- A fall trip to Barra de Navidad for saltwater species

- A trip to Lake Gatun, Panama for peacock bass. Tentitively scheduled for Jan or Feb/2018

One of our club members has a drone and preparations are underway in planning a drone fishing trip to the Pacific coast for beach fishing.

Future fantasy trips include:

- El Salto near Mazatlan – Trophy largemouth bass fishing

- Peacock bass fishing in the Amazon

- Peacock bass fishing in Lake Gatun, Panama

Local fishing is readily available in Lake Chapala where tilapia and carp are the common catch. Largemouth bass fishing is also available in Lake Chapala with two guides operating out of the town of Chapala

The club is open to anyone and there are no fees to join. It is open to come and share breakfast with us and tell tales of past adventures while sharing in the camaraderie of fellow fishers.

More club information can be found on their website along with pictures, recipes and videos

For more information about the Ajijic Fishing Club or anything about the Lake Chapala area, please contact me though this website. Thanks for reading.

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