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Movie Time in Ajijic

If you are a movie buff and enjoy heading out to the local theater for a show, you are going to love living in Ajijic.

Wednesday night we went to see the latest Vin Diesel movie. Okay, not the best I agree, but who cares when it only cost 25 Pesos! Yes, that is not a typo. Wednesday is 1/2 price night and where a movie is normally 50 pesos, or 60 for 3D, on Wednesday, we get in for 1/2 price. That works out to $1.61 Cdn - $1.19 U.S. per person! And the popcorn won't set you back much either. Another 50 Pesos will get you a small popcorn (quite large actually) and a pop. What a deal. Compare that to prices in the U,S, and Canada where you can easily spend $18-$20 per person for the same show with popcorn and pop and you can see why living in Ajijic is so attractive to so many retirees.

So where do you go to find such great deals? There are two movie theaters in Ajijic. The newer one is across from Wal=Mart in the Centro Laguna Mall and it's called 'Movie Space'. The web address is: www.mscinemas.com. The seating and sound is excellent.

The old theater is in the Bougainvilleas Mall above El Torito grocery store. Although older, it is still a fine theater to catch a show in and closer to Ajijic if you are on foot. The web address for that one is; cinemasdellago.mx

So if you love going to the theater for a show and/or you are living on a budget, then get on down to Ajijic and start to 'live your best life'.

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